Section 21
West Albany Township, MN


This cemetery is located in West Albany Township, Section 21, very near the intersection of Highway 60 and Wabasha County Road #9, on the way to West Albany village and St. Patrick's Catholic church. This is 3 or 4 miles by road from Theilman. The church building associated with this cemetery was adjacent to the cemetery.
Information and photos provided by Delmar Becker

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Thanks to Bill (researching Berg and Eggenberger) for sending this information provided by Patricia at the Lake City Public Library.

Searchable Surnames List:
Blohm, Engel, Fick, Geppert, Jauch (?), Lippert, Moechnig, Nash, Owen, Rink, Sass, Scholzen, Setphord, Struckmeyer, Zwick
Don't take this list as perfect. Some of the entries are hard to read.

This information is from book

Compiled by Dr. L. H. Bunnell
Published Chicago by H. H. Hill, Publishers, 1884

German Methodist: The exact date of the first preaching was not ascertained, though it was probably in 1861, by Rev. Grechtenmeyer at C. Furhman's house. The following are the names of ministers who have followed him: Wm. Schreiner, Philip Funk, August Lamprecht, Adam Willer, Frederick Hermsmeyer, Frederick Hogrefe, Louis Thoele, Henry Schnitker, and Frederick Hermsmeyer, of Wabasha, who still preaches to the congregation. A frame church was built in 1866 at a cost of about eight hundred dollars.