Village of Plainview, Plainview Township, Wabasha County, MN

Mary Jo Freeman contributed the following three entries from the Olmsted County Historical Society, Cemetery Records. She writes: "My ancestors were Levi Emery's wife's parents, Moses Metcalf and Nancy (Williams). Nancy died in 1874 and Moses after 1880. They are probably both buried in Greenwood Cemetery with their son-in-law and 2 grandsons."
EMERY, Edwin L. 9/04/1864 11/02/1885 .
EMERY, Clayton 12/09/1873 8/19/1874 Cause of death 'Cholera Infant'
EMERY, Levi 5/18/1834 9/18/1895 Marker inscription: Co. I 1MN Inf. FCL.
Cause of death 'Jaundice'
The following entries are ancestors of the webmaster,
RUSSELL, Mrs. John (Marian Russell Koska) 03/22/1918 02/05/2001 m 1st: Clement Francis Koska
RITTER, John 12/30/1823 04/14/1907 .
RITTER, Mrs. John 03/06/1836 02/13/1903 nee Ellen Jane Jordan
RUSSELL, James A 03/17/1844 04/25/1922 .
RUSSELL, Mrs. James A 11/11/1857 or 58 11/24/1902 nee Evangeline Anna (Annie Eva) Wilhelm
RUSSELL, Robert Lee 4/11/1880 12/02/1959 .
RUSSELL, Mrs. Robert Lee 08/30/1887 11/04/1918 nee Ada Icena Taylor
Died in the great Influenza Pandemic
TAYLOR, William J. 10/26/1823 6/02/1898 .
TAYLOR, Mrs. William J. ca. 1839 5/25/1896 nee Amanda Perkins