Lake City, Lake Township, Wabasha County, MN

If you have information for family members which can be entered here or if you have transcribed all the tombstones in this cemetery, please consider sending the information to the Wabasha County Coordinator. Also, if you have a photo of the entrance to this cemetery, please send a scanned image so it can be placed here.

Thanks to Bill (researching Berg and Eggenberger) for sending this information provided by Patricia at the Lake City Public Library.
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Searchable Surnames List:
Aanensen, Abraham, Adams, Alexander, Angerman, Annand, Arnold, Arkinson, Bailey, Baker, Bartlett, Barto, Bartron, Bayley, Bayard, Beardsley, Beaty, Beatty, Black, Blackwood, Bliss, Blohm, Boatman, Booth, Boss, Bowen, Bright, Brundis, Buck, Bull, Bundy, Burdell, Burg, Burnham, Bushkirk, Butler, Buttermore, Canfield, Carr, Carruth, Carson, Caspari, Caswell, Church, Clarke, Cleveland, Cliff, Clifford, Cornell, Crandall, Crone, Conway, Cooper, Copp, Cornell, Crandall, Croft, Crone, Crosby, Cross, Cuffel, Dale, Denison, Dennen, Disney, Dolph, Dorrance, Doughty, Drake, Drinkwalter, Dutcher, Eaton, Elkins, Erickson, Fanning, Fairfield, Fenslow, Fick, Field, Fish, Fitschen, Forbes, Ford, Foreman, Freeman, Freiheit, French, Frisbey, Frojd, Fuller, Furst, Gardner, Gates, Geisler, Geppert, Gerken, Gilbert, Gillette, Gillette, Gilman, Gish, Goodenough, Gordon, Gould, Grabow, Gray, Green, Greer, Grobe, Grogan, Hagen, Hammond, Hart, Haradon, Harrington, Harrison, Harstedt, Hazlett, Heise, Heldt, Herron, Hershaug, Hevener, Hewitt, Hilger, Holden, Hoops, Horning, Hosking, Hostettler, Howatt, Hoyt, Hubert, Hughes, Ingraham, Ingram, Issendorf, Jackson, Jacob, Jacobs, Johnson, Juers, Kappler, Keables, Keckmann, Keeler, Kennedy, Keogh, Kidd, Kirtz, Klemish, Knaup, Knight, Knutson, Krinke, Kuhfuss, Labbitt, Laflin, Lamb, Lamm, Lange, Lamont, Lamport, Lapsley, Legler, Lewis, Lind, Link, Lortscher, Lostetter, Lurne, McConnell, McManus, McMillin, Mabey, Mabin, Madsen, Maiwald, Malchert, Mann, Manning, Marr, Matthews, Merrell, Meyer, Mickow, Moechnig, Moon, Moore, Morris, Morrow, Mott, Munro, Neil, Nelson, Nichols, Nihart, Nolan, Nordine, Northfield, Nute, Nygren, O'Hara, Olin, Oliver, Orne, Orr, Orton, Patton, Pearson, Peasley, Percels, Peters, Phillips, Pinson, Plummer, Powers, Purdy, Rabe, Raichle, Raton, Reed, Reinhard, Reinhardt, Rettler, Rider, Roberson, Roberts, Rockwell, Rogers, Rudy, Rundle, Russell, Sampon, Sanford, Sass, Schafer, Schmaus, Schmuser, Schumacher, Schunk, Scott, Sebikoh, Selover, Seymour, Shively, Shottenkirk, Siddons, Sievers, Siewert, Sigler, Sinclair, Sirvas, Slocum, Smith, Smyth, Southard, Sprikes, Stahman, Stahmann, Stanford, Sterrett, Stevens, Strickland, Stringham, Strupe, Tennant, Terrell, Theisen, Thill, Thomas, Thompson, Townsend, Tripp, Tryon, Truman, Turner, VanVliet, Veeder, Vining, VonVleck, Walkbrenner (?), Walker, Walter, Walters, Walther, Warren, Warring, Wassman, Watson, Weick, Wenzel, Wheelock, Whempner, Whipple, White, Wiebusch, Wiech, Wieeten, Wilder, Wiley, Willers, Wilson, Wing, Winters, Witteborg, Zillgitt
Don't take this list as perfect. Some of the entries are hard to read.

Page 12 ~ August 14, 1998 ~ Compiled by OCHS and OCGS
Thanks to Bill (researching Berg and Eggenberger) for sending this information

1c118ANDERSON, Albert G18801953~
1c118ANDERSON, Helen A18871961~
1c119ANDERSON, Clarence18841970~
1c119ANDERSON, JuliaLL~
1c126BAESLER, Margaret R18991969~
1c121BERG, August18771959~
1c121BERG, Adeline18761950~
1c122BERG, StewartLL~
1c135BERG, Edna Florence Elizabeth5/12/18949/19/1978Ladies Auxillary w/o Joseph nee: Kenitz
1c135BERG, Joseph2/20/18942/01/1955MN S 2 US Navy WWI
1c123BROWN, Howard M10/23/18933/29/1968~
1c124BROWN, Ludvina A8/17/18962/23/1987~
1c145CAMPBELL, Mary-3/08/1883w/o Archibald d/o Jas & Jane White
1c151CARLSON, Maria12/02/187212/18/1872~
1c125FERRIN, Lucy Baesler5/29/19018/11/1964~
1c1110FREIHEIT, Kathryn M18831963~
1c1110FREIHEIT, Christ W18771968~
1c133KLENKE, Henrietta H18941977~
1c133KLENKE, Claus J18921961~
~~~MAIWALD, Caroline3/13/188212/21/1946~
1c134REINHARD, EthelLL~
1c134REINHARD, Charles J5/14/18951/18/1955MN Pvt 47 Co 20 Eng WWI (2 stones)
1c141SANFORD, Melvin18721874~
1c142SANFORD, Alfred W18701898~
1c143SANFORD, Charity18401924~
1c143SANFORD, Adna H5/06/18348/11/1875(42-3-5) "Father" s/o Elias & Elvira
1c144SANFORD, Edna E18761900~
1c131ZILLGITT, Albert F18851954~
1c131ZILLGITT, Grace18831968~
1c132ZILLGITT, Albert L19211962~