Oakwood Township, Wabasha County, MN

This information was transcribed and made available to
The USGenWeb Archives by Marge Utley
Used by Permission

Byrne, Bridget-1878
Byrne, Thomas A.18071875
Daley, Ellen--
Elms, Thomas18381901
Elms, Mary, wife of Thomas18371912
Elms, Fanny--
Feehan, Andrew-1918
Feehan, Mary Ann18571873
Feehan, Kitty Krusmark--
Feehan, Dennis--
Feehan, Ann, wife of Dennis18531897
Feehan, Mary, child of Dennis & Ann18701872
Feehan, Bridget, child of Dennis & Ann18711892
Feehan, Johnnie, child of Dennis & Ann18891892
Feehan, Ray, child of Dennis & Ann18921892
Feehan, Dennis--
Feehan, Mary Ann, wife of Dennis18621895
Feehan, John18191880
Feehan, Mary, wife of John18121887
Feehan, Patrick18361907
Feehan, Rose, wife of Patrick--
Feehan, Thomas--
Finley, Margaret18191884
Finley, Mary Ann--
Fleming, William, son of P & M--
Foley, David17911869
Foley, Ann, wife of David18091868
Hall, Charles18281895
Hall, Margaret18911891
Hall, Thomas18351892
Hall, Jane, wife of Thomas--
Hall, John, son of Thomas & Jane--
Houlihan, John (also his wife & son)18151881
Kacho, Mary-1875
Kilduff, Percy--
Kinsella, Dennis18251898
Kinsella, Ann, wife of Dennis18301885
Kinsella, Matthew18211891
Kinsella, Matthew *18321915
Kinsella, Catherine, wife of Matthew *18331899
Kinsella, Owen, son of Matthew *18671902
Kinsella, Catherine, wife of M. Kinsella18441879
McGrath, James, son of James & Bridget--
McGrath, Johanna, daughter of Michael & Ellen--
McGrath, Michael18181883
McGrath, Ellen (Nolan), wife of Micha18281903
McGrath, Nellie, wife of Will18651899
McNulty, Arnold Joseph--
Melvin, Bridget, wife of J.H.18461894
Melvin, Edward18131879
Mulligan, J.--
Mulligan, Bridget (Sullivan), wife of J. Mulligan18371874
Mulligan, Allie, Annie & James, children of J. & Bridget--
Powers, Johanna, wife of Lawrence-aged 61 yrs
Riley, Nellie18751892
Riley, Sadie--
Schones, Norah--
Sullivan, John, son of Wm & Ellen--
Sullivan, Johan, daughter of Wm & Ellen--
Tracy, David18691869
Tracy, Catherine18691869

Some of the bodies have been moved to other cemeteries.
This list was compiled in approximately 1981.