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Page 6 ~ September 2, 1998 ~ Compiled by OCHS and OCGS
Thanks to Bill (researching Berg and Eggenberger) for sending this information.
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171APPEL, Phyllis M.8/25/193311/08/1986"Mother"
173BERG, Matthew12/18/18503/01/1902Vet flag
173BERG, Anna7/29/18577/7/1939 ~
173BERG, Joseph Mathew12/27/18788/30/1961 ~
173BERG, Nick William12/13/18823/16/1923 ~
172EGGENBERGER, Theresa M.18801943~
1627FEIHAN, Anthony J.18981964~
1629FEIHAN, Thomas Edward6/06/19232/27/1986USAF WWII/Korea h/o Alice Stearns - divorced
1628FEIHAN, Edward J5/30/18931/17/1977Pvt US Army WWI
1717LEONARD, Hannah18571940~
1718LEONARD, Michael~1/14/1893(38-9-29)
1719LUTZ, Edward C.8/11/18899/16/1975Pvt US Army WWI
1720LUTZ, Conrad6/08/18664/15/1900~
1720LUTZ, Albert F.8/31/18958/01/1896s/o C & A
1721LUTZ, William J.9/13/186610/08/1950MN Pvt Deml WWII
175McGUIGAN, Howard James2/15/19167/09/1918~
176McGUIGAN, James~6/04/1893(45-11-7)
177McGUIGAN(?), Thomas18721950~
179McGOWAN, Hugh4/22/184811/16/1915~
178McGOWAN, J. Francis18971949~
1710McGOWAN, Margaret18571949~
1711McGOWAN, Henry~5/08/1893(13-3-12) s./o H & M
1712McGOWAN, Hugh4/23/18843/15/1897s/o H & M
1716McGOWAN, Thomas E.18921969~
1716McGOWAN, Ethyle L.LL~
1722McGINN, Peter J.18661945"Father"
1722McGINN, Mary Jane18731937~
1723McGINN, Genevieve~~(no dates)
211McNULTY, Rose M.~1/21/1962(one date on stone)
212McNULTY, James P.~7/10/1954(one date on stone)
174O'DONNELL, Mary Ann18621907~
1624PREBE, Leo R. 10/19/19157/25/1944MN Tec 5 Engineers WWII
1623PREBE, William A.19181932"Son"
1625PREBE, Mary18851955~
1625PREBE, John18651956~
1626PRIEBE, Fred19061969~
1626PRIEBE, Theresa18891968w/o Fred
1620ROTHER, Frank18221910~
1620ROTHER, Johanna18281904~
1713SEXTON, Joseph A.19101934~
1714SEXTON, Margaret E.18811972"Mother"
1715SEXTON, James18721921"Father"
1621WILDE, Alice5/26/19071/26/1911~
1622WILDE, August J.18511941~
1622WILDE, Rose A.18621945~

This information is from Delmar Becker

I was just recently checking out St. Patrick's cemetery in West Albany, trying to locate a Charles (Karl) Goihl, my mother-in-law's uncle, who died in a diphtheria outbreak in 1880. We thought that the old white marble marker was broken off and probably removed. However, I did locate it in the cemetery and it is next to the large McCarty Family stone. The name Karl Goihl is visible, but the dates are not, nor any other information . He was born in 1872 and died in 1880. I believe all Goihls, other then this one, are buried in Lake City. He was a child when his father (also Carl Goihl, an early pioneer of the area) operated a blacksmith shop 1/4 mile from the intersection of highway 60 and Wabasha County road 4. The old blacksmith shop is only a memory now.

The obituary data and other information have listed "Charles" for the son, but it is the same person as "Karl." I don't think Charles is hardly ever, if ever found in Germany. It is like an English translation for Carl. I find this quite a bit with the Germans who came to this country. Also, I have found the "K" Karl and "C" Carl used inter-changeably for the same person. Germans really had a lot of "K" Karl's and also used Konrad instead of Conrad.

Thanks to Bill (researching Berg and Eggenberger) for sending this information provided by Patricia at the Lake City Public Library.
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Don't take this list as perfect. Some of the entries are hard to read.

A reader has sent these additions to the next page:
Michael, husband of Mary O'Donnell, Line 131, died 6/7/1889.
Their son Michael died 7/17/1935.
Their son John died Sept 1899.
All are buried in St Patricks.

A reader has sent this correction to the next page:
Margaret Muldoon, Line 149, was William's wife.

A reader has sent this addition to the next page:
Alice Ryan, Line 226, died 4/22/1981.

Photos by Bonnie Gary