Obituaries for Surnames Beginning With "O"
Wabasha County, Minnesota

Anne O'Reilly
Adeleine Jiggar Oenning

Source: Family Newspaper Clippings
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Source: From a partial ( torn) newspaper clipping collected by Augusta Marking
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(Adeline drank poison, apparently despondent over the death of her child and the "fancied unhappiness" of her husband. She drank the poison and then walked to her mother's home and asked forgiveness)

...Six years ago, on Ju...Adeleine Jiggar married...Oenning, a brother of Theodore Oenning, Mrs. Ben Ramer (Roemer) and Mrs...Ramer ( Roemer) of Pepin township...county,

"She was as happy as a girl could be," sobbed Mrs. F. E. Jiggar, her mother, after the tragedy. "Then, just a year ago, her second little daughter died when she was only four weeks old. Addie wasn't herself since that time. She grieved all the time until she made herself ill and weak.

"Addie and Joe and Doloris lived here with me until two months ago, and they moved into a little home of their own. but Addie was so ill she couldn't take care of the bungalow. Joe tried to help her, but she worried because she couldn't do everything herself. She thought he was unhappy because she couldn't take care of his home, but he wasn't blaming her at all. He was so sorry for her and adored her."

When Mrs. Oenning told her story at her mother's home, an ambulance was at once called and she was hurried to the city hospital, where she died that night, shortly after her husband had been summoned.

Mr. and Mrs. Oenning had three children, only one, Doloris, five years old, surviving with the grief-stricken husband and father. Mrs. Oenning also leaves her parents and several brothers and sisters.

The funeral was held Saturday morning from St. Boniface church, Minneapolis, and interment was made in St. Mary's cemetery. Clem and Ben Ramer ( Roemer) of Pepin township were among those in attendance.

Mrs. Oenning was well liked by all who knew her. she was devoted to her home and her family, and devoutly religious. She had not been herself, however, for some time, grief of the loss of her children and constant brooding over ill health clouding her mind.