Obituaries for Surnames Beginning With "T"
Wabasha County, Minnesota

John Tritchler

Accidentally Killed

One more has been added to the long list of persons killed by the accidental discharge of loaded fire arms. Last Sunday afternoon John Tritchler called Otto Burkhardt into his room for the purpose of exhibiting to him a new purchase in the shape of a self-cocking revolver. Each of them believed the revolver to be empty and as a consequence did not handle it as carefully as they would otherwise have done. As the weapon laid in Burkhardt's hands it went off and the ball, which was a large one, entered Trichler's side. It was some time before Mr. Trichler himself became aware that he had been shot. But after a time he became conscious of a slight pain and on examination a large bullet hole was discovered. Medical aid was immediately called in and search made for the ball. Its course was traced through liver and kidneys, but its location could not be established.* The wounded man continued to sink gradually until six o'clock Monday morning, when he died. A post mortem disclosed the ball embedded in the intestines. Coroner Gengnagle held an inquest on Monday afternoon and the jury returned a verdict in accordance with the facts and absolved Mr. Burkhardt from all blame. Mr. Trichler was aged thirty-one and unmarried. The funeral took place on Tuesday from Reads Landing to Riverview cemetery.

Contributed by
Linda Noll
Source: Wabasha Herald, Aug. 10, 1892

*X-rays were discovered by Wilhelm Röntgen (1895).
On January 18, 1896 an X-ray machine was formally displayed by H.L. Smith.
Source: Wikipedia